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Below is a list of common problems that people experience. I have outlined questions that may help you understand your experience further. Please keep in mind that this is not enough to establish an official diagnosis. If you require further assistance, and are wanting a more thorough assessment, please seek advice from your GP or find out more here.

Excessive worrying

- Do you find yourself worrying about a range of different topics?

- Do you find the worry uncontrollable?

- Do you worry about worrying?

- Is it common for you to seek reassurance from friends/family before making a decision?


- Are you often bothered by random/spontaneous thoughts that pop into your mind and try your hardest to stop them?

- Are there things that you have to do repeatedly and can't resist doing e.g. check windows/doors or wash your hands several times a day?

- Do you constantly doubt when you have done something and find it difficult to resist the urge to check?

Low mood

- Have you noticed a  lack of interest in things you usually enjoy?

- Are you lacking motivation and energy to do everyday, routine tasks? 

- Have you noticed changes in sleep, appetite and concentration?

- Are you constantly feeling low in mood? 


- Do you have recurring memories of past traumatic events that replay in your mind with little/no control, that feel as though the traumatic event is happening now?

- Do you try to block out the memory of past painful or traumatic events? 

- do you have moments where you can vividly see a past traumatic event and feel as though you are back there?

Health anxiety

- So you tend to think physical pains are a sign of something wrong e.g. headache is a sign of a brain tumour?
- Do you visit your GP excessively or regularly search your symptoms online to seek reassurance?


- Do you have moments when your body unexpectedly experiences sudden changes e.g. rapid heart beat, sweating, feeling dizzy, feeling disconnected from reality?

- When it happens, are you fearful and think you'll have a heart attack/faint/lose control or or go mad?

Social anxiety

- Do you feel uncomfortable talking to people - face to face or over the phone?

- Do you think people will find you boring or stupid?

- Does it feel like you're in the spotlight when in social situations?

Other difficulties 

- Are you feeling overwhelmed with life stressors that you're finding difficult to manage?

- Do you struggle to sleep?

- Do you habitually pick your skin or pull hair to the point where you have bald patches or scabs?

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